Intermediate Course Deposit

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The Intermediate course prepares you to read charts. Learn how to read aspects in a birth chart, relationships and synastry in Astrology, the difference between Tropical, Sidereal, Vedic and 13 sign Astrology, correlations of the Bible to Astrology and so much more!

Darryn LaMonte and I teach the class together, so everything is covered and understood.

Class will be held on Thursday evenings. Each class is an hour to an hour and a half long.

Classes are audio recorded and are available to listen to for up to one week after class has been held.

The Intermediate course is $540 in total for the entire course. We have 3 payment plans available:

• Pay in full
• Pay 2 installments of $270, anytime before the first day of class
• Pay 3 installations of $180, anytime before the first day of class

Once payment is received you will be added to a group chat with the other Astro students who are taking the course.

This allows you to be interactive with others who are interested in Astrology, allows you to ask further questions outside of class, and benefit from answered questions asked of others.