I hour Extensive Astrological Reading


Image of I hour Extensive Astrological Reading

Extensive Informative reading $165 an hour


6 charts, all inclusive
Natal/ Birth chart
Progressed chart
Transit reading/ Future predictions
Compatibility reading(relationships)
Solar Return/Yearly predictions
Lunar Return/Monthly predictions
Life path and purpose
Fixed Stars
Asteroids(Juno, Ceres, Pallas, Vesta)
Lilith(Dark Moon)
Astrocartography(Location Astrology)
Audio recording of reading

Natal/ Birth - A complete chart of all of your planets, houses and aspects. Detailed delineation of your personality, thought patterns, love life, finance, career, health, life path and purpose, emotional standings and well being, setbacks, hardships and how to get through them.
Transit - How the planets today and in the future year are going to affect you, and how to get through.
Relationship Compatibility - How you and your partner, or potential partner relate to one another, and how to get through troubles within the union.
Solar Return/ Birthday - The breakdown of your birthday, progression and transit for the next year.
Saturn Return - Where and how Saturn is affecting you. Areas of your life where you need growth and structure. I show you how to get over blockages and obstacles in your life.
*No refunds, exchanges are available*